This blog is for family, friends and anyone else that cares to read it.  Being so far away from family and friends, with so much to tell, so many of you to reach, and so many not on FB, we wanted to find a way to tell the stories and share our experience at this exciting time.

It’s called magnahome blog because it’s hosted through my magnamemos website, and will contain both the personal trials and tribulations relating to our new house, but also lots of good magnamemos stuff.   Hope you’ll enjoy following both!

We’ll do our best to document the process of transforming this 1959 property into our new home.  I know this will be a fun but very stressful process, and my hope is that writing will keep us sane and provide a few laughs along the way too.

Start following our journey by checking out the links at the right.  “How did we get here?” is just that, a summary of what we’ve been up to and why.  Good place to start.  Day 0 gets you to the beginning of this long process.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment and share.